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The Tasteful Nudes

Since 2004, The Tasteful Nudes have been waist-deep in texture, color, rhythm and noise, exploring the sonic terrain of Modern-Guitar-Based-Rock. The band has grown since its early days as a guitar and drums duo into a fully realized five member ensemble, and their musical breadth has expanded accordingly. The current lineup features Robert Blatt and Ross Morgan on guitars, Joe Thompson on drums, Zach Lapidus on keyboards, and Loren Thor on bass. After their inception, they gained a reputation as an earth-shaking and ear-rupturing live act at Portland’s lawns, basements and bars. Their first official release, 2005’s self-produced The Tasteful Nudes Play Paragraphs Today is a lo-fi gem, an ambitious collection of early songs expanded for the full line-up and played with all the furious abandon of their live show. A tour of the west-coast in support of the album followed suit, accompanied by fellow noise-heads A Cricket in Times Square. Subsequently, The Tasteful Nudes have continued playing throughout the Pacific Northwest, including a long string of shows at the Holocene in Portland. These performances were the road test for many of the songs that are now found on their new album, The Soul of the New Machines. Not content to settle into a sophomore slump, the ensemble focused on building an album that would not just duplicate the energy of their live set, but expand upon it with wider arrangements and an increase in diversity of the sonic and textural palates at their disposal. In the works for over a year, The Soul of the New Machines was released in April of 2008 on the Forced Perspective Collective label. Featuring psyched-out funk to running paced rockers, crystalline pop to honey dripping space ballads, Nyquist clipped noise to dense harmonic drones, The Soul of the New Machines sees The Tasteful Nudes taking on many new roles.


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